United Drillers

Corporate Overview

Since its inception in Malaysia in 1978, United Drillers (UD) has estabilished enviable reputation for the design and construction of a wide variety of cost effective and innovative foundation solutions tailored to the needs of the Malaysia Construction Industry.

In 1998 and 2004, UD Geotechnics Sdn Bhd and UD Exploration Sdn Bhd became part of the United Driller group of companies, one of Malaysia's leading specialist geotechnical, soil & foundation engineering contractors.

Our subsidiaries wholeheartedly supports these principles and, together with its parent company, shares and contributes to the technological advances within the group.

The United Driller network, which extends throughout Malaysia provides its subsidiaries with an unrivalled wealth of geotechinical, soil & foundation engineering knowledge and resources that we are able to pass to our clients.

Ground conditions and the problems they pose to projects are diverse and multi-faceted. United Drillers along with its subsidiries experience and depth of international knowledge can provide a wide variety of solutions tailored to your project. These solutions can often offer significant time and cost savings.

Recently, pile injections have been the latest technology to be used at major locations in Penang and Kedah due to it being environment friendly. It features no pollution, no vibration, no noise but high piling speed rates and excellent quality. This would utmost go well with developing states where there are neighboring housing complexes, high rise apartments and offices within the project site vicinity.

Therefore in order to pursue and further strengthern our core busines in providing clients with the best foundation solution, in the year 2010 UD Piles Sdn Bhd is formed to cater to those needs.

United Drillers's experienced team is ready to work with you to develop the best and most cost effective solution to your soil & foundation problems.

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