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04. Bored Piles

Bored piles can be either used as single foundation piles (on/off shore), pile groups, inclined piles or in various combinations for earth retaining system. Bore piles diameter ranges from 400mm onwards to 2000mm. In general, bore piles can be installed in a variety of soils inlcuding soft clay grounds, dense sands and hard rock. Various drilling techniques and excavation tools are employed as needed.

We offer the following methods to excavate piles of various diameters depending on soil conditions:
- Rotary Drilling Method
- Reversed Circulation Method (RCD)
- Air Lifting Method
- Flush Drilling Method (Smaller Diameters)
- Down the Hole Drilling Method
- Blasting Method
- Drive-Drill Excavation Method
  (Grad + Chisel)

  bored piles bored piles

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