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02. Caissons Piles

Caissons are widely used in areas which are not accessible by any form of machineries such as hill slopes, confined areas and etc. In general, caissons are hand dug by skilled workers using shovels, scopes, pneumatic breakers and etc. Excavated materials are then removed to the top by either a hoist & pulley or electrical hoist method. Caissons diameter may range from 900m to huge diameters of up until 3000mm or even more. Large ones are especially useful for heavy bridge work that uses a very high working load; small ones for buildings and miscellaneous structures. They are exceedingly useful in the making of deep foundations which requires high working loads where other methods are inadequate or undesirable of example, hill terrains where site access is constraint.

The design, construction and sinking of a caisson are parts of engineering in which much is to be gained thru only be experience. Some of the work involves theory but much is practical engineering and it requires the 'know-how'.

caisson piles

 caisson piles

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