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06. Earth Retaining Systems

earthretaining system Retaining wall, or shoring, has to be used when there is insufficient space or natural sloped excavations or if the excation level is below the natural water level and dewatering is not an option

The methods used to construct the required support wall are in another way called pile walls and they can be employed to suit the local soil and site conditions. All can be combined with multiple layers of struts or anchors.

Bored pile walls are vertical bored piles, acting either as single piles, contiguous (only touching each other) or a secant pile wall with diameters ranging from 60 to 120cm. When installations have limited cleanrance, prohibiting the use of standard drilling equipment, special equipment can be used to a degree where it almost undercuts and existing structure.

earthretaining system
We offer the following earth retaining systems: - Contiguous Bore Pile Wall
- Diaphragm Wall
- Caisson Wall

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