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05. Soil Investigation

These investigations are used to evaluate the geologic setting of a project: the characteristics of the foundation soils and rocks; geotechnical conditions which influence project safety, cost effectiveness, design and construction; critical geomorphic processes; and sources of construction materials. We believes that proper geotechnical investigation is crucial to the success of any serious underground construction efforts. We possess the equipment, personnel and experience to ensure you get the real facts on your sites subsurface conditions so you can proceed with confidence. The ground investigation techniques used for a site witll depend upon geology, past use and the nature and form of the proposed development. The wide range of techniques requires a thorough knowledge of what each can achieve if investigation is to be done effectively. Trial excavations, boreholes and instrumention are frequently used in combination to form an adequate picture of strata and groundwater profiles. Testing both in situ and in the laboratory is used to measure characteristics required for design such as strength, compressibility, classification and chemistry.

Soil Investigation Soil Investigation Soil Investigation

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