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10. soil treatment & grouting

Grouting is performed to improve subsurface conditions, and also to limit groundwater infiltration. Where remediation grouting is required, a drilled hole is first advanced to the required depth. Drill rods and packers are then typically lowered into the drilled hole, after which cement grout is pumped under pressure.

Grouting techniques can be utilized to accomplish varying degrees of soil and rock quality improvement and groundwater cutoff. The art of grouting requires experienced personnel who possess the ability to assess the grouting program during its installation, and the capability to make adjustments to said programs as warranted by the subsurface conditions
We offer the following types of soil / ground treatment and grouting:
- Pressure Grouting
- Cavity Grouting
- Compaction Grouting
- Jet Grouting
- Curtain Grouting

soil treatment & grouting

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